What is this?

This is a gateway between www.sotawatch.org and the mobile phone network. With help of it you can send spots by SMS to the SOTAwatch website.

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How to use it?

 Send a specificaly formated SMS to +43 680 3110897

This is an Austrian mobile number, so it is international SMS from outside OE. Please check the costs!

 This gateway can handle two spotting options:


1.) Registered phone number with Andy MM0FMF

If you have register (Contact form on sota.org.uk) your phone number and callsign with Andy MM0FMF you can use all features as described here: http://www.sota.org.uk/Joining-In/SOTA-SMS-Format SMS will be just forwarded.


2.) SMS2Sotawatch Login as with other SMS spotters (SpotSMS EA, SpotSMS HA, SpotSMS I).

Full syntax (recommended):

[SOTAwatch Username] [SOTAwatch Password] [Callsign] [Full Summit Ref] [Frequency in kHz] [Mode] [Comment]


Short syntax:

[SOTAwatch User] [SOTAwatch Password] * [Full Summit Ref] [Comment]


SMS Example (full version) #1:


[SOTAwatchUser] [SOTAwatch Password] [Callsign] [Full Summit Ref] [Frequency] [Mode] [Comment]


OE5JFE pw OE5JFE/P OE/OO-006 145500 FM Now QRV


OE5JFE spots (using "OE5JFE" SOTAwatch registered callsign and "pw" password; the same as you use to login at Sotawatch) OE5JFE/P is on OE/OO-006 SOTA summit and uses 145.500 MHz in FM. Comment "Now QRV"


SMS Example (short version with self-spot) #2:


OE5JFE pw * OE/OO-006 14285 Joe calling


OE5JFE spots himself (as OE5JFE) using his SOTAwatch registered callsign and "pw" password. He's on OE/OO-006 SOTA summit and uses 14.285 MHz in SSB. Comment "Joe calling"




The frequency must be sent in kHz units. Only one decimal is allowed (. or ,) but not recommended.

Use " " (space, blank, dt. Leerzeichen) to separate the values.

Summit reference is verified for validity (generics spots like OE/OO-xxx will not work).

The transmitting mode is optional, the gateway can substitute it using the IARU Region 1 band plan.

Only the syntax is checked by the parser. If the format of the SMS isn't correct it is silently ignored.

Capitalisation doesn't matter, both lower and upper case goes (except for the login, password and comment).


Security info and disclaimer:

This service is offered in good will and respecting the ham spirit. No warranties.

Be aware that you are sending your login credentials in cleartext format. Choosing a unique password for Sotawatch is your own responsibility.

The login and password information needs to be temporary stored during the spotting process. It is deleted afterwards.


Thanks to OE5REO Martin for sponsoring the USB Modem for this project.